Diversity Educational Fair

Education is the best way to reduce bullying and fear!

We regularly conduct fairs around town that help bring awareness to various groups. If you would like register for our Diversity Fair Feb 20 please register here.

We are particular on the material that can be shared at the fair, for a complete list, please click here. Below is listed what is considered to be educational vs non educational material for booths. If you are unsure please contact us so we can help you out. Please remember only positive material is to be used.

Education Material

  • Pamphlets/handouts on difference
  • Pamphlets/handouts on resources available
  • Pamphlets/handouts promoting prevention
  • Promotion of event focused on difference
  • Motivational speaker
  • Presenter on the topic
  • Information about what the society is ( Hours of operation, location, services, contact information)
  • Statistical information
  • Information about laws
  • Awareness buttons/ribbons
  • Monthly Newsletters from Society / Organizations / agency
  • Groups or clubs under your organization
  • Services provided by your society /organization / agency
  • Other societies, groups, organizations , agencies that do similar work
  • Safety information around difference
  • Cultural examples (food, dress, books, pictures)

Non Educational Material

  • Membership recruitment
  • Employment application forms/Volunteer Application Forms
  • Volunteer applications
  • Fundraising event
  • Marketing or Promotion of investment opportunities
  • Free handouts ( deck of cards, candy, flash drives, balloons)
  • Merchandise for sale ( IE T-shirts, membership)
  • Draws

Difference or topic refer to the following but not limited. If you are unsure please contact WHATS UP Education to See if your group/organization/agency would qualify.

  • Race
  • Regligon/spirituality
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Language
  • Physical difference or limitation
  • Age