There are many ways to sponsor this project.We have sponsorships from $50 to $500.

Donations can be made via the website, or in person. We will happily pick up donations if we are contacted. Donations can also be in the form of product or services. If donations are made to a participating society through us we will recognize you at the sponsorship level.A complete list of societies involved will be made available Jan. 15, 2016 at the latest for those wishing to donate that way.

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

Wear Pink to support the fight against bullying. What are you going to be wearing?We have partnered with 2 great organizations to offer the community every chance to wear pink to show YOUR support against bullying.

Pink T-shirts

Need a pink t-shirt? Big Brothers and Big Sisters is doing their annual pink t-shirts.

You can order them directly from them or through our website. More information will be made available as we find out and posted on Facebook and website.

Pink Armbands

Don’t want to wear a bright pink t-shirt?

Pink armbands will be made available for orders to show your support against bullying. As more information becomes available we will be posting it on the website and Facebook.