I hereby declare that I Stand for the following things and challenge you to declare IF you do too.

I Stand for respect.

I stand for Acceptance.

I stand for positive change.

I stand for diversity.

I stand for Equality.

I stand Proud.

I stand against Bullying.

Diversity Week is an approach that has 4 ways of getting information through to students. Diversity Week is about getting information out on the following areas:


The first thing Diversity Week does is on each day we have random facts put up around the school on the area of the day. To See the Facts please click on the link below.
Gender /Sexuality Day
Multicultural / Spirituality


The second part of the project allows societies a chance to set up information booths in the hallways over lunch and hand out pamphlets, and goodies about what there society is about. To See a complete list of the Societies involved feel free to check below
Multicultural / Spirituality Societies
Ability Societies
Gender /Sexuality Day Societies


The third part of this project gets students going on a scavenger hunt each day to find either random facts somewhere in the school or at one of the booths. Completed forms are then eligible for draws of prizes that get donated. (If you would like your company logo on the bottom of the sheet click here.
Multicultural / Spirituality Scavenger Hunt Sheet
Ability Scavenger Hunt Sheet
Gender /Sexuality Day Scavenger Hunt Sheet


The fourth and final part of this project is the Diversity Game at the end of week. It is based on the Jeopardy Game. We provide any student wishing to partake the Diversity Game sheet that has all the answers plus a few extra that they will need to know. These answers come from the random facts and/or booths.

Sponsors of “I STAND” and Diversity Week

Diversity Ultimate Champion

Diversity Game Fact Sheet