What is the “I Stand” Campaign? It is an opportunity for business, individuals, societies and governments to get involved in an easy way to show people what they “Stand For”. The “I Stand” states what a wide range of items individuals say they stand for. It is the belief of W.H.A.T.S. U.P. Education that these statements can lead to a society that lives with less bullying and fighting if they following the “I Stand”. The “I Stand” campaign stands for the following:

  • For Respect
  • For Acceptance
  • To be the Positive Change
  • Against Bullying
  • For Diversity
  • For Equality
  • Proud

If you believe in standing for these then join our campaign, purchase an “I Stand” Button and challenge 3 of your friends, family members or co-workers to make the same declaration. To make a challenge click here

All proceeds from the sale of the “I Stand” buttons go towards the Diversity Week being held in the local high schools.

Sponsors of “I STAND” and Diversity Week


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